About SheAh Prince Eternal


SheAh Prince Eternal is a multi-talented individual who offers a variety of growth tools to diverse communities globally such as:



Personal & Transformational Life Coach
Emotional & Life Balancing

Longevity Coaching
Spiritual Guidance
Over 20 Years of Shamanic Training
Holistic & Reiki Healing

Sound Baths



SheAh is also an educator in self-love, self-worth, equality, and self-care through one-on-one intensive retreats, classes, workshops, performances, written and spoken word, speaking engagements, and various visual arts.


SheAh is also an ordained minister, certified Reiki healer & Shaman of the African Libertarian tradition. SheAh is currently working towards a Metaphysical Religious Science Doctorate.


“The power lies within you, you are waiting for you!

“Light the fire & clear the smoke from your minds and hearts. Go forth with a new perspective.”


                      ~SheAh Prince Eternal