Woman Holding a Paint Palette

Soul-Drawing Classes

In these gatherings, SheAh will assist you in tapping into the spiritual part of yourself. The process involves guiding you through a drawing that helps you connect with your soul and understand who you are.


Couples Communication Classes

Learn how to be a better partner by joining SheAh Prince Eternal for couples’ communication classes. SheAh teaches couples of all genders and orientations how to talk to each other and avoid unhappy misunderstandings.



SheAh Prince Eternal understands that many of you are searching for your place in the world. Whether you have discrimination as a woman, race, LGBTQ+ or any other gender, or racial differences or other, SheAh and his team will work to help you solve the related issues and how they impact your life.



You can experience a positive internal change in the way you think and feel by participating in one of SheAh Prince Eternal’s retreats. Retreat lengths, subject matter, and venues vary, so check the events calendar for additional information.


Emotional Balance Coaching

It is like weights being lifted from our hearts when we learn to allow our emotions to help us rather than hinder us. SheAh Prince Eternal has the reputation of helping those who thought their case was difficult until they experienced one on one sessions with SheAh.

Conducts Weddings and "Happy Memorials"

Rely on SheAh Prince Eternal to conduct ceremonies of life with compassion and understanding. As an ordained minister, SheAh can customize your wedding. SheAh also helps you send a departed loved one on their next level of “Energy Journey” by remembering the happy times.

Tap into Your Inner Strength through Inspirational Retreats

Take the first step towards improving relationships with self, others, businesses, etc., through inspirational retreats or one on one guidance and coaching. We also offer self-help tips monthly which target various health suggestions.

SheAh is very passionate about the subject of healing and is a certified Reiki healer of the body, mind, & spirit.

He also offers Diverse workshops addressing multiple subjects, adding fun and play to balance the serious moments.

“Light the fire, Clear the Smoke” is the theme of our retreats which help elevate the conscious levels, providing emotional balancing tools to go forward and bring peaceful solutions to our busy brains. SheAh also offers classes & workshops within the retreats that help explore a higher consciousness providing emotional balancing, which elevates growth on all levels bringing peace of mind and energetic awareness.

Those who are interested in elevating their consciousness will feel an awakening within which will catapult their lives to unprecedented heights of peace and tranquility. Feel free to contact SheAh with more details.